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What do pedestrians need to know about walking in winter?

Although many of us are already dreaming of spring, we are still looking at several more weeks of cold and snowy weather. The thought may be unpleasant to those who drive on icy roads, but can be even worse for Schenectady residents who walk to get around. If you walk to work, to the store or for exercise, you face numerous dangers in the winter from traffic and slippery walking surfaces.

Staying safe on New Year’s Eve

You may be planning a memorable celebration to ring in the New Year. While there is nothing wrong with having a good time with friends and family, there is always the chance of an accident when alcohol is involved. At Bendall & Mednick, we would like you and other Schenectady residents to not only have a great New Year’s celebration, but to stay safe as well.

Winter weather hazards include deadly highway pile-ups

If you have lived in New York for any length of time, you already understand the inconveniences you face on the roads each winter, not to mention the dangers. Ice, snow and fog can cause even the most careful driver to get into an accident. At Bendall & Mednick, we are aware that the cold-weather dangers posed to Schenectady residents are especially severe on nearby highways.

What driving habits might keep you safe this winter?

It will not be long before the roads across New York State are dusted with frost, with the occasional snowfall blanketing the ground. You might enjoy the picturesque beauty of fresh snow, but slippery roads are anything but pretty. You might not be able to prevent the poor driving habits of other people, but your own actions may help to keep you and others safe on the roads this winter.

What should you know about the possible dangers of ride-sharing?

Chances are, you or someone you know has taken a ride with one of the ride-sharing services that are popular today in New York and across the country. These services have provided countless customers an affordable, easy and convenient alternative to traditional taxis or public transportation. Additionally, they have given many drivers a flexible and customizable way to make a living.

MADD campaign focuses on holiday drunk driving

For many people in Schenectady and across the country, the holiday season can include parties and celebrations on the town. Drinking is part of the tradition, especially on New Year’s Eve. While this should be a happy time of year for you and your loved ones, it can also turn tragic. At Bendall & Mednick, we understand that the holiday season is one of the deadliest times of the year when it comes to drunk driving.

5 ways to protect children on Halloween night

Like many Schenectady residents, you may already be getting ready for Halloween during the last weeks of September and the first part of October. Halloween has become a favorite holiday for millions of people across the country. Unfortunately, this time of year is also one of the most dangerous for children and others who roam the streets on All Hallows Eve. At Bendall & Mednick, we understand that this may be a fun time for you and your children. However, we also want your family to be safe.

Built-in motorcycle screens raise safety concerns

Over the past few years, a great deal of attention has been placed on avoiding distracted driving caused by electronic devices, such as smartphones and GPS systems. One of the ways that this is addressed is by discouraging the use of these devices while driving. However, are there some types of technology developed for vehicles that may increase distraction for drivers in Schenectady and elsewhere? Some safety advocates believe that new on-board computers and screens meant to enhance driving and safety can actually create a risk.

Pokémon Go distracting drivers and causing accidents

As soon as the new gaming app Pokémon Go released in early July, fans of the Pokémon universe were hitting the streets in search of their favorite animated monsters. People were bumping into each other at the store, on sidewalks and around public squares while they tossed Pokéballs at elusive Pikachus.

New game app is another reason to avoid distraction

Distracted driving is a problem that has plagued motorists in Schenectady and elsewhere for decades. With mobile devices being so prevalent today, the issue is worse than ever. Drivers, pedestrians, bicyclists and others put themselves at risk for injury every time their attention is focused on something other than their surroundings.

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