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Road construction may worsen highway dangers

During the fall, road construction sites across New York are likely to be wrapping up to prepare for winter. For the next few weeks, drivers in Schenectady and elsewhere may encounter construction equipment, cones, lane closures and workers who are attempting to get the job done before cold weather sets in.

Surprising reasons truck driving can be dangerous

In recent posts, this blog has discussed the dangers that large trucks pose for motorists on American highways. Truck-related fatalities are by no means limited to those sharing the road with truckers. Truck drivers themselves are at risk each time they get behind the wheel.

Truck driver fatigue costs thousands of lives every year

Large commercial trucks are a common sight on highways near Schenectady, as well as across the country. While trucking is a necessary industry, it also results in thousands of accidents each year. As discussed in previous posts, truck collisions have the potential to cause devastating harm, due to the size and speed of these large vehicles.

National Work Zone Awareness Week observed in April this year

Now that the weather has warmed up, drivers in Schenectady and across New York State will have to contend with a road hazard that is no less dangerous than winter weather conditions. During the spring, summer and early fall, road workers can be found on highways and interstates everywhere, improving the condition and safety of our high-speed roadways.

Why large trucks are so dangerous and how you an avoid becoming a casualty

While they play a vital role in transporting goods throughout the U.S., large commercial trucks can also be extremely dangerous and, during 2014 alone, 3,660 people were killed in traffic accidents involving large trucks. During this same year, 97 percent of the individuals who died in fatal truck accidents were occupants in passenger vehicles.

FMCSA proposes new rule to identify and halt the operations of unsafe carriers

During 2014 alone, the National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration reports that a total 3,903 people died in crashes involving large commercial trucks. Weighing several tons more than the average personal vehicle and barreling down our nation's freeways at 70 MPH, it's no wonder that individuals who are involved in traffic accidents involving commercial trucks often suffer serious, debilitating and even fatal injuries.

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