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When a patient may have a malpractice claim

Health care providers in New York have a significant responsibility for the well-being of their patients. Their duties are something like a legal contract with those they serve, and if they do not fulfill them as a reasonable person in that position would, they may be guilty of negligence.

Hand hygiene can save lives

When people think of medical malpractice, they may imagine a doctor in a New York hospital ordering the wrong treatment, or a nurse giving a patient the wrong dose of medication. However, according to the American Journal of Critical Care, hospital-acquired infections are also preventable threats to patients in hospitals, particularly in intensive care units. 

What if a surgeon leaves something behind?

After your surgery, you may expect to spend a certain amount of time recovering, and then get back to your life in New York in a healthier, happier condition. For many, this is the reality. However, for some people, an unexpected complication arises because of a surgical error that should never happen: The operating team misses something that should never be left in the body.

What is hospital alarm fatigue?

You may find that even though you are in the hospital in New York to get well, the medical equipment around you frequently makes noises that keep you from resting. Alarms and alerts are essential for letting your health care providers know what you need, but they could also put you in danger. The professional journal American Nurse Today explains how.

Moms need attention too: Rising U.S. maternal mortality rates

Although you may know some mothers in New York who opted for a home birth, most still head to the hospital, birthing center or other similar facility on the big day. Once there, you have every right to expect that the doctor and nurses will focus on your baby’s needs. However, your life is in their hands, too. At Bendall & Mednick, we have provided counsel to many families after negligence resulted in a serious or fatal health issue for a mother during or after childbirth.

Is the hospital’s emergency department safe?

During a serious health event, you should not hesitate to seek medical attention, and you want to be able to trust the doctor who treats you. According to the Emergency Medicine Residents’ Association, although emergency department staff and health care providers have specific training for the hectic conditions that are often present, there are distinct risk factors to seeking care at the ER. In some cases, a physician who drops the ball may be guilty of negligence, but you may be able to mitigate the potential for a mistake.

How can you protect yourself against a serious pharmacist error?

When you and other Schenectady residents pick up a prescription from your local pharmacy, you should be able to trust that your medication has been prepared correctly and includes instructions that ensure you take the proper dose. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are only human, and can easily make a simple mistake that might put your health or life at risk.

Inconsistency in handoff procedures may endanger patients

In a recent blog post, we discussed how lack of sleep may affect the performance of doctors, especially those still undergoing residency training. Handoff procedures were briefly touched upon in that post, pertaining to how doctors with long shifts avoid frequently handing off their responsibilities to others. At Bendall & Mednick, we are aware of the ways in which handoff procedures may impact your safety. Whether in the hospital, being treated by a specialist or seeing your family doctor, the handoff is a crucial point of communication for medical professionals in Schenectady and elsewhere.

Are doctors’ sleep habits killing patients?

It is a known fact that doctors in New York and elsewhere work long hours to treat their patients, and their efforts are appreciated by many. However, we also understand that it is important for everyone to be well rested in order to do their jobs safely and effectively. For physicians, a good night’s sleep may be more important than ever. Unfortunately, the workload that is often placed on medical professionals, especially those in hospitals, may be hazardous to their patients’ health.

Possible link between acetaminophen use during pregnancy and ADHD

If you are pregnant or close to someone who is, you are probably aware that pregnancy is often associated with a myriad of aches and pains. Rather than enduring a pregnancy-related backache, joint pain or sleepless night, you may have asked your doctor which painkillers or sleep aids are safe. Many of these medications include acetaminophen, which, in proper doses, has been approved for use during pregnancy by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. At Bendall & Mednick, we know it is vital that you receive sound advice from your doctor during pregnancy. You and other Schenectady residents should be aware of the results of a recent study concerning a potential risk of behavioral issues of children whose mothers had taken acetaminophen while pregnant.

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