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A look at large truck rollover accidents

Large trucks flip over for an array of reasons. In some accidents, the rollover is caused by a truck driver taking a turn while traveling too fast, while other rollovers are a result of the improper loading of cargo, icy road conditions, or inadequate maintenance, among other reasons. Regardless, when a large truck rolls over, it can pose a hazard to other people on the road. Sadly, these accidents sometimes cause innocent victims to suffer devastating injuries or pass away. We believe it is crucial for people who are suffering because they were involved in a large truck accident to know their rights and pursue any resources that can help them recover.

Why do truckers stay on the road too long?

You have probably heard on the news about truck driver fatigue, and the long days many New York truckers put in. The law says they are allowed to drive for 11 hours of their maximum 14-hour days, and that seems like enough to exhaust anyone. Many stay out on the road longer, though, and do what they can to make it appear they are within the law. Why?

How many truck collisions which cause injuries happen per year?

When a large truck collision occurs, it may leave victims with a wide range of hardships. If you are hit by a large truck, you may sustain a serious injury or face financial problems afterwards. Worse, some people lose their lives in these wrecks, which can be particularly threatening due to a truck's massive size and the length of time it often takes truckers to slow down. In New York, and all over the country, many of these accidents happen on an annual basis and leave victims with a wide range of injuries.

Vehicle maintenance and trucker responsibility

While most commuters in New York probably do not stop and check their vehicles for any issues before heading to work for the day, expectations for commercial truck drivers are different. According to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, truckers must perform a thorough inspection before climbing into the driver’s seat each day. The commercial driver’s license manual requires them to demonstrate their knowledge and ability to review the condition of the vehicles.

New York truck crash and fire injure three

A motor vehicle crash involving a large truck has more deadly potential based on the size and weight ratio when compared to passenger cars, trucks and SUVs. Often in New York, the victims are the ones in the smaller vehicles. Accidents may also become a danger to first responders and other officials, and could even affect other people in the area.

Is it serious? Minor health conditions of truckers and crash risk

In New York, you might encounter quite a few commercial vehicles on your commute every day, thanks to consumer demand for goods bolstering the trucking industry. While the growing need for increased shipping across the nation’s highways indicates a healthy economy, the physical strain from long hours on the road may be detrimental to the individual health of truckers. According to Science Daily, the lifestyle that comes from long days on the road and difficult shifts is linked to health conditions that compromise commercial vehicle operators’ ability to drive, as well as your safety on the roads around them.

Drunk driving penalties for CMV drivers

Whenever alcohol enters the system, alteration of focus, concentration and mental clarity begin to occur. The New York Department of Motor Vehicles claims that alcohol can cause jerky starts and improper passing as well as preventing drivers from staying in their lanes. Drunk drivers also commonly run red lights and fail to use signals. Even at low blood alcohol concentration levels, drivers may be less alert and find that their vehicle operation skills are impaired.

Federal and state truck driving hours are back up for debate

Fatigue is a serious problem that affects truck drivers across the country. Drowsy driving alone is often deadly, and can be even more dangerous when combined with additional hazards, such as icy roads or sun glare. In 2015, 126 people were killed in New York State in large truck accidents, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This number was higher than the previous several years, indicating that there may be serious safety issues regarding the trucking industry and the general public.

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