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What is a design defect?

You took a medication your doctor prescribed, and while you were using it, you had a terrible reaction that was completely unexpected. When you read the label, everything seems to be in order, but you believe that the problem came from the design of the drug. If you want to take your defective product design case before a judge or jury in New York, you will need to prove that the medication was manufactured according to plan, but the plan itself had a flaw in it.

Why are instructions and warning labels so important?

Many people in New York may joke about not reading the instructions before attempting to assemble or use a product. It may also seem amusing when there are directions for a product that has an apparently simple use. However, anything a manufacturer provides you regarding product safety should be taken seriously. If the product injures you in any way, whether the company is liable could come down to the warnings it provided and whether you paid attention to them.

Liability for an injury caused by medication

At Bendall & Mednick, we understand that when you want to make a major purchase such as a vehicle, you probably read reviews and looked at ratings to make sure it will keep you and your passengers safe. If you are like most people, when you take a medication, you probably trust your doctor to have done that research for you. However, even the best-informed doctors and pharmacists cannot tell you that the drug is defective if the manufacturer has not told them.

Holding companies responsible for defective products

A product with a design flaw or manufacturing defect could cause an injury that changes a New Yorker's life forever. According to Take Justice Back, the result of such an event may be a recall issued by the company that announces the newly identified danger. However, the hazard is not always a previously unknown threat, as companies may have weighed the risk of harm against the potential for profits and introduced the defective product to the marketplace anyway.

Before you buy a used car

Because the paper in the window says, “as is,” people may worry that the vehicle they are considering in New York will have some kind of age-related issue, such as a bad fuel pump or transmission. However, as The New York Times points out, there could be a design flaw that has been present since before the car ever made it to the original dealership floor. Major automobile defects such as faulty ignition switches and airbags have been making the news in the past two or three years, but even a small issue could cause a big traffic crash.

Understanding product recalls and dangers to consumers

Many people in New York make their purchases based on cost, color or design of a product without worrying about safety. They may reason that since manufacturers are required to meet certain standards, anything on the market should not be dangerous. Unfortunately, many items make it from the manufacturer to the consumer with flaws that have the potential to cause injuries.

When a medical device threatens your health

When your health care provider recommends that you have a medical device surgically implanted, your concerns may be more focused on doctor errors than product liability. However, heart monitors, hip replacements and similar products are subject to design flaws, manufacturing errors and mislabeling, just as any other consumer good is. Our team at Bendall & Mednick have represented many people who suffered injuries or lost family members due to a faulty medical device.

Smartphone recall illustrates consequences of a product defect

With the prevalence of cellphones, tablets and other electronic devices in nearly every American household, many people may assume these products are safe and harmless, including for children. For the most part, electronic devices are safe when used appropriately. However, a serious design or manufacturing defect may be devastating for consumers in Schenectady and elsewhere, especially if the affected product uses electricity or contains hazardous chemicals.

How could defective marketing harm you or your family?

You are probably aware of the ways a dangerous product might be harmful to you and other Schenectady residents. A toy that was poorly designed might injure hundreds of children across the country, or a batch of products that were improperly manufactured on the assembly line could malfunction and injure a small group of consumers. You might, however, not be aware of a third type of product defect that could result in harm, called defective marketing.

Samsung announces massive washing machine recall

Samsung has announced a recall of 2.8 million washing machines after numerous reports of explosions. The manufacturer says that it has received reports of at least 730 explosions related to its top-loading washing machines resulting in nine people being injured.

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