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Premises liability for business owners

As a New York business owner, you have to keep your eyes open for possible liability issues. Keeping your business safe for employees and customers is important to avoid legal issues. At Bendall & Mednick, we see many cases where an oversight by a business owner has led to customer injuries. In order to avoid such situations, you need to be aware of the aspects of premises liability.

Can you be held responsible for an injury on your property?

If you have children, you probably baby-proofed your home and continue to make adjustments to your house and property as your children grow to keep them safe. What if there is something on your property that could injure a neighborhood child? There is an aspect of law called attractive nuisance doctrine, which may hold you and other Schenectady residents liable for failing to take measures to prevent a known risk from injuring a child who comes onto private property.

Is garbage in a parking lot a serious risk?

As the weather gets colder, businesses in Schenectady and across the state of New York will be preparing to keep customers safe from slipping in snowy, icy and wet conditions. They might repair potholes, stock up on de-icing salt and find out which local snow plows are ready for business. However, it is not only slips and falls that store owners and apartment managers need to worry about, when it comes to their parking lots and walking surfaces. You might also face hazards from trash that has not been properly disposed of.

Elevators are not always safe

Whether you live in a multi-story apartment building, shop at a large mall or work in an office high rise, you probably use an elevator once in a while. You might take one on a regular basis. Elevators are convenient, but at Bendall & Mednick, we understand how they may pose a danger to Schenectady residents.

Am I liable if I give alcohol to a minor and someone is hurt?

Many people in Schenectady and elsewhere don’t think twice about providing alcohol to someone under the legal drinking age. After all, everyone does it, right? Are the consequences really that serious for hosting a party for teenagers or buying them alcohol?

How is your New York landlord required to keep your rental safe?

Accidents happen in and around the home all the time. In many cases, you might be the one responsible for getting hurt. For example, you might have climbed onto an unstable chair to change a lightbulb and fallen. You could have reached into a sink full of soapy water and grabbed a sharp knife and cut yourself. However, in other cases your landlord or property manager might be held liable for an accident at your apartment or rental home in Schenectady.

Falls threaten an aging population

Protecting oneself from slip-and-fall accidents may seem like a full-time job in the often chaotic modern world. Now that Americans are experiencing unprecedented life expectancy, as revealed by Time Magazine, it could be even more vital to be cautious to prevent injuries that may have lasting consequences. With potential lifespans topping 78 years, people would be well advised to keep the risks of falling in mind as they age.

The risk of drowning is a concern over the summer season

For many residents of New York, summer means a much-needed trip to the local pool to cool down. However, unintentional drowning poses a very serious threat to both children as well as adults, and as a result the proper steps must be taken to ensure a safe and secure experience when spending the day swimming.

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