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The reality of distracted driving

Distracted driving has been a long-debated issue, but is one worth staying aware of. While many New York residents consider cellphones to be the main source of distractions, there are multiple other factors that lead to negligent driving. Keeping these factors in mind can make one a more responsible driver, and can potentially save lives on the road. 

Cellphone use can currently be difficult to prove in a crash

In spite of laws forbidding the use of handheld electronic devices such as cellphones while behind the wheel, distracted driving continues to be a problem in New York. When a vehicle drifts across the center line into oncoming traffic or fails to stop at a red light, many people may immediately wonder if the crash was distraction related.

Are police pursuits worth the crash risks?

Like many New Yorkers, you probably want law enforcement to go after the bad guys, particularly when they are considered dangerous. However, according to the Democrat and Chronicle, a high-speed chase often turns vehicles into deadly weapons, as well, and anyone nearby could be injured or killed. In fact, statistics indicate that between two and nine people are killed every year in New York as a result of these pursuits.

Hitting the New York highways with your dog

Seat belt laws have been around in New York so long, you and your passengers probably buckle up without even thinking about it. Since your dog lacks opposable thumbs, it relies on you to provide this protection. Our team at Bendall & Mednick have represented many clients who were injured in motor vehicle accidents that occurred because an animal was roaming free in a vehicle.

What do pedestrians need to know about walking in winter?

Although many of us are already dreaming of spring, we are still looking at several more weeks of cold and snowy weather. The thought may be unpleasant to those who drive on icy roads, but can be even worse for Schenectady residents who walk to get around. If you walk to work, to the store or for exercise, you face numerous dangers in the winter from traffic and slippery walking surfaces.

Staying safe on New Year’s Eve

You may be planning a memorable celebration to ring in the New Year. While there is nothing wrong with having a good time with friends and family, there is always the chance of an accident when alcohol is involved. At Bendall & Mednick, we would like you and other Schenectady residents to not only have a great New Year’s celebration, but to stay safe as well.

Winter weather hazards include deadly highway pile-ups

If you have lived in New York for any length of time, you already understand the inconveniences you face on the roads each winter, not to mention the dangers. Ice, snow and fog can cause even the most careful driver to get into an accident. At Bendall & Mednick, we are aware that the cold-weather dangers posed to Schenectady residents are especially severe on nearby highways.

What driving habits might keep you safe this winter?

It will not be long before the roads across New York State are dusted with frost, with the occasional snowfall blanketing the ground. You might enjoy the picturesque beauty of fresh snow, but slippery roads are anything but pretty. You might not be able to prevent the poor driving habits of other people, but your own actions may help to keep you and others safe on the roads this winter.

What should you know about the possible dangers of ride-sharing?

Chances are, you or someone you know has taken a ride with one of the ride-sharing services that are popular today in New York and across the country. These services have provided countless customers an affordable, easy and convenient alternative to traditional taxis or public transportation. Additionally, they have given many drivers a flexible and customizable way to make a living.

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