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Winter conditions and driving

With upcoming storms and extreme cold temperatures in New York and surrounding areas, drivers need to be aware of safe driving procedures in inclement weather in order to avoid minor and serious car accidents. Driving defensively is important this time of the year, and taking extra caution on the roads is imperative. 

How many lives are lost to distracted driving?

Auto crashes have many causes and no two accidents are exactly the same. This blog has approached this topic from various angles, but it is important for drivers to understand just how widespread distracted driving is and the number of lives that this behavior claims per year. Sadly, some people do not respect the responsibilities they have as a driver and fail to pay attention to the road, putting lives at risk.

Faulty brakes and other car crash causes

Many different factors can play a role in traffic wrecks, from a driver’s use of drugs or alcohol to their disregard for speed limits and other traffic laws. However, some accidents are caused by faulty brakes and inadequate vehicle maintenance. Sometimes, drivers may not have been able to prevent a freak accident that occurred due to a manufacturing error. However, others are the result of negligence, such as a truck accident caused by a trucking company’s failure to maintain vehicles properly.

Vision problems and traffic collisions

People are struck by reckless drivers who fail to stay off the road after drinking or stay within the speed limit. However, a car accident victim may also have his or her life turned upside down due to someone's poor vision or an obstruction that temporarily blocked their eyesight. Tragically, the consequences of these wrecks can be just as serious, which is why innocent victims of these wrecks deserve any benefits they are able to gain access to. Across New York, traffic accidents not only shatter the lives of those directly involved in the wreck, but may even have a major impact on their loved ones.

Common delayed car accident injuries

Like many people, you may feel lucky to walk away from that crash on a New York highway without a scratch. The insurance company of the at-fault driver may want you to settle your claim quickly. However, at Bendall & Mednick, we often see clients who do not suffer from health issues until the days and weeks after their accident.

How many injuries do car wrecks cause?

When going over car accidents, many people understand the serious consequences of a crash, such as death and severe injuries. However, some may not be aware of just how common auto accident injuries are in New York, and all across the country. Even when a car crash victim has the fortune to survive a crash, they may struggle with other hardships, such as financial complications, mental trauma, or a disability that keeps them from working, to name a few problems. For everyone who gets behind the wheel, it could be beneficial to go over just how many auto accident injuries occur per year.

The reality of distracted driving

Distracted driving has been a long-debated issue, but is one worth staying aware of. While many New York residents consider cellphones to be the main source of distractions, there are multiple other factors that lead to negligent driving. Keeping these factors in mind can make one a more responsible driver, and can potentially save lives on the road. 

Cellphone use can currently be difficult to prove in a crash

In spite of laws forbidding the use of handheld electronic devices such as cellphones while behind the wheel, distracted driving continues to be a problem in New York. When a vehicle drifts across the center line into oncoming traffic or fails to stop at a red light, many people may immediately wonder if the crash was distraction related.

Are police pursuits worth the crash risks?

Like many New Yorkers, you probably want law enforcement to go after the bad guys, particularly when they are considered dangerous. However, according to the Democrat and Chronicle, a high-speed chase often turns vehicles into deadly weapons, as well, and anyone nearby could be injured or killed. In fact, statistics indicate that between two and nine people are killed every year in New York as a result of these pursuits.

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