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October 2017 Archives

Traumatic brain injuries and their aftermath

It is a long, hard road to recovery for the 2.6 million people who suffer brain injuries each year in New York and all other U.S. states. That number represents all brain injuries, WebMD reports, including those from natural causes such as strokes or tumors. It also includes traumatic brain injuries, which are the result of violent blows to the head.

Vision problems and traffic collisions

People are struck by reckless drivers who fail to stay off the road after drinking or stay within the speed limit. However, a car accident victim may also have his or her life turned upside down due to someone's poor vision or an obstruction that temporarily blocked their eyesight. Tragically, the consequences of these wrecks can be just as serious, which is why innocent victims of these wrecks deserve any benefits they are able to gain access to. Across New York, traffic accidents not only shatter the lives of those directly involved in the wreck, but may even have a major impact on their loved ones.

Why are instructions and warning labels so important?

Many people in New York may joke about not reading the instructions before attempting to assemble or use a product. It may also seem amusing when there are directions for a product that has an apparently simple use. However, anything a manufacturer provides you regarding product safety should be taken seriously. If the product injures you in any way, whether the company is liable could come down to the warnings it provided and whether you paid attention to them.

Nursing home maintenance is critical to resident safety

In all the media discussions about nursing home abuse in New York and elsewhere in the United States, the conversation generally focuses on staff and how individuals treat the residents. However, the environment of the facility involves more than the ambience.

Common delayed car accident injuries

Like many people, you may feel lucky to walk away from that crash on a New York highway without a scratch. The insurance company of the at-fault driver may want you to settle your claim quickly. However, at Bendall & Mednick, we often see clients who do not suffer from health issues until the days and weeks after their accident.

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