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Amputations could occur in a car crash

As everyone knows, car accidents can lead to some very serious injuries. One horrific trauma that might occur is an amputation. This happens when a part of the body is severed from the rest of the body.

When an amputation does occur, it is imperative that bystanders try to help the person to remain calm. This is an injury that can cause shock, so keeping an eye on the victim is crucial. Here are some points that you should know about amputations.

Types of amputations

There are two types of amputations -- complete and partial. A complete amputation occurs when all of the tissues of the area are fully severed. This includes bones, muscles, tendons, skin and other components.

A partial amputation is one in which some of the soft tissues are still attached. This will cause the affected body part to just hang from the body.

Care for the amputation

Care for the amputation starts at the scene of the accident. Bleeding is the primary concern in these cases. Applying pressure to the wound is one way to stop the bleeding.

If possible, the amputated part of the body should be collected if it was a complete amputation. The severed part should be wrapped in a damp cloth and placed in a plastic bag. This bag should be able to be closed so that it can be put into another bag that contains ice water.

In some cases, no bags, ice or cold water are available at the scene of the car accident. Even without having these, a severed body part might be viable for reattachment for up to four to six hours, but it should be kept away from sources of heat so that it can remain as cool as possible.

After the amputation

There are some instances in which it is possible to reattach a severed body part. Sometimes, a partial amputation will have to be fully amputated. In both of these cases, the victim is going to have to learn how to do basic tasks again. If the limb is reattached, this will involve learning how to use the affected body part again. When reattachment isn't possible, this will mean learning new ways to do things.

People who suffer from amputations due to another person's negligence should seek compensation for the damages they have suffered due to the injury. This will help to cover medical bills, missed wages, therapy and other expenses.

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