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August 2017 Archives

How many injuries do car wrecks cause?

When going over car accidents, many people understand the serious consequences of a crash, such as death and severe injuries. However, some may not be aware of just how common auto accident injuries are in New York, and all across the country. Even when a car crash victim has the fortune to survive a crash, they may struggle with other hardships, such as financial complications, mental trauma, or a disability that keeps them from working, to name a few problems. For everyone who gets behind the wheel, it could be beneficial to go over just how many auto accident injuries occur per year.

Patients should not face fall risks in hospitals

A person can slip or trip and fall anywhere in New York, but many have this type of accident in the very place where their health should be improving: the hospital. According to the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, not only are falls among the most serious and common adverse events in hospitals, they are also preventable. Due to the huge impact these injuries have, much research has gone into developing procedures for avoiding them.

How many truck collisions which cause injuries happen per year?

When a large truck collision occurs, it may leave victims with a wide range of hardships. If you are hit by a large truck, you may sustain a serious injury or face financial problems afterwards. Worse, some people lose their lives in these wrecks, which can be particularly threatening due to a truck's massive size and the length of time it often takes truckers to slow down. In New York, and all over the country, many of these accidents happen on an annual basis and leave victims with a wide range of injuries.

What if a surgeon leaves something behind?

After your surgery, you may expect to spend a certain amount of time recovering, and then get back to your life in New York in a healthier, happier condition. For many, this is the reality. However, for some people, an unexpected complication arises because of a surgical error that should never happen: The operating team misses something that should never be left in the body.

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