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Is a mild brain injury really mild?

The term "mild traumatic brain injury," or mild TBI, is often dangerously misleading both to those who suffer from them and to their family, community and colleagues. Although it is true that mild TBIs are not as life-threatening as more severe brain injuries, they still present very real dangers that require prompt, comprehensive medical treatment.

Unfortunately, when it comes to mild TBIs, many people have difficulty understanding the seriousness of the injury. While a brain injury is not as visible as a broken arm or some other more tangible injury, the brain is the control center of all of your bodily functions and the seat of your personhood. Any injury to the brain can cause problems in literally every area of your body and even affect your personality and cognitive functions.

If you recently suffered a mild TBI, it is very important that you fully understand the scope of your injury so that you can properly convey to those you regularly interact with how it may affect you. An experienced attorney can help you seek out proper treatment and pursue full compensation for your injuries.

In reality, a mild TBI can be a serious injury, and if you do not seek out professional treatment, the effects may accumulate to cause very real, widespread problems.

Mild TBI effects accumulate and wreak havoc

Understanding the damage that mild TBI symptoms can do is difficult to fully comprehend, because many of the symptoms seem negligible on their own.

You may find it useful to think of the effects of a mild TBI like leaves clogging up a rain gutter. If only one or two leaves fall into the gutter, they may slow drainage, but probably not too much. However, when several leaves cluster by the drain, the flow can slow to a trickle.

Some symptoms are fairly severe and obvious, such as seizures or headaches that last for hours or days at a time, or prolonged bouts of nausea. Even when the TBI expresses itself in fairly visible ways, your family and coworkers may not understand the seriousness of the injury, and may expect you to be your pre-accident self immediately. Unfortunately, recovering from a brain injury takes time.

Other symptoms are less apparent, but still cumulatively devastating. Because the brain controls every part of your body and personality, a mild brain injury can "scramble the wires" and result in surprisingly disparate effects.

You may experience changes in how you think about things altogether, especially the way you understand a person when they speak or when you read something. You may find it difficult to identify many nuances in communication leading to repeated misunderstandings between you and your family or colleagues.

You may also experience personality changes as well and find concentrating on any tasks very difficult. Often, this difficulty concentrating on tasks leads to a short temper with yourself and others, which may strain all your relationships.

Don't wait to get the help that you need to recover

Is a mild TBI really a serious injury? That depends on the injury itself, and each one is different. For some lucky individuals, a mild TBI can be tantamount to little more than a night of heavy drinking — not very fun, but ultimately not too harmful. For many others, however, a mild TBI is a serious injury that requires ongoing treatment.

If you have a mild TBI, do the best thing for yourself and the ones you love by seeking out proper, professional medical care.

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