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July 2017 Archives

A surprising source of traumatic brain injury amnesia

Not all brain injuries reported in New York are permanently debilitating, but even minor brain injuries can have a frightening impact on a person's life. While brain injuries are often associated with a physical blow to the head, doctors have discovered that such injuries can also be the result of drug abuse.

Holding companies responsible for defective products

A product with a design flaw or manufacturing defect could cause an injury that changes a New Yorker's life forever. According to Take Justice Back, the result of such an event may be a recall issued by the company that announces the newly identified danger. However, the hazard is not always a previously unknown threat, as companies may have weighed the risk of harm against the potential for profits and introduced the defective product to the marketplace anyway.

Is a mild brain injury really mild?

The term "mild traumatic brain injury," or mild TBI, is often dangerously misleading both to those who suffer from them and to their family, community and colleagues. Although it is true that mild TBIs are not as life-threatening as more severe brain injuries, they still present very real dangers that require prompt, comprehensive medical treatment.

Scientists working on remedies for severe brain injuries

Any interruption in brain function signifies damage. For some people in New York, a traumatic brain injury causes them to permanently lose the ability to remember, think and process information, effectively destroying their way of life. According to NBC News, scientists are searching for ways to reverse brain damage, even in the most serious cases. In fact, one company plans to conduct experiments on people who are brain dead in the hopes that they can develop methods of regenerating new brain cells.

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