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Why do you want a trial-ready lawyer after a personal injury?

Here in upstate New York, there are many attorneys who are perfectly capable of representing a personal injury suit with decent competence. But, do you really want just any attorney to represent you after an injury?

Of course not. When it comes to pursuing complete compensation for your losses and helping you achieve the fullest possible recovery, you deserve the best representation you can get.

When it comes to personal injury suits, there are no quick fixes or overnight victories. You deserve representation from an attorney who is not simply eager to cash in on a likely payday, but who truly understands the full scope of following your case through to completion. Proper guidance also helps you stay on top of the mounting costs of recovery and ensures that your wellbeing is not lost in the shuffle of negotiating a settlement or desirable verdict.

True justice takes time

The reality of personal injury suits is that most of them never make it to court. Many attorneys who practice primarily in personal injury fully understand this, and prepare their arguments assuming they'll reach a settlement that keeps the matter out of court.

However, this is a short-sighted and incomplete approach to personal injury representation. Whether your injury claim resolves out of court or in a traditional trial, your representation should always prepare to go the distance.

Unfortunately, going that distance takes time and resources that many attorneys either cannot afford or don't care to invest in their clients.

Many firms build their reputation on getting you cash in hand quickly for your injury case. Often, these firms advertise on local television stations or with loud billboards. While there is certainly nothing wrong with creative advertising, that message makes its way to insurance companies just as clearly as it does to potential clients.

When a client hires a "get cash for your injury now" firm, insurance companies know immediately that they can settle the case for well below its actual worth.

In contrast, building and pursuing a personal injury case for its full worth is not fast and easy, but it is worth the effort. In the long run, you stand to receive a substantially larger settlement and make a more complete recovery with proper, long-term guidance.

You deserve strong, experienced representation

Just as your injury requires time and patience to fully recover, your case requires time and patience to see through to a satisfying resolution. Whether you end up settling out of court or take it all the way to trial, you deserve the best representation you can get.

With proper legal counsel, you can ensure that you truly have all the tools you need to recover and keep your rights secure while you fight for justice for your losses.

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