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The reality of distracted driving

Distracted driving has been a long-debated issue, but is one worth staying aware of. While many New York residents consider cellphones to be the main source of distractions, there are multiple other factors that lead to negligent driving. Keeping these factors in mind can make one a more responsible driver, and can potentially save lives on the road. 

There is no way of avoiding the fact that distracted driving can be deadly. Many might assume drunk driving is the major cause of wrecks, but distractions also play a large part. Federal statistics provided by AAA point out that 16 percent of all fatal crashes are due to distracted driving, resulting in around 5,000 deaths each year. The AAA strives to raise awareness of these estimates to help eliminate the number of accidents - and deaths - caused by distractions.

Distracted latency is a major part of negligent driving. Latency is the point at which the driver has put down the navigation system or other distraction and is still absentminded. Aside from cellphones, food and drinks, GPS devices and other passengers in the car are also common distractions, putting the driver and passengers in a potentially dangerous situation. Studies by the AAA also show that teens are the largest group affected by this type of negligence. The AAA offers video footage of crashes related to distracted driving, as well as other resources to help spread awareness of the issue.   

The number of crashes related to cognitive distractions has continued to rise over recent years. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration finds that approximately 660,000 drivers use their phones while driving in the daylight hours. This poses a huge threat to the safety of drivers on the roads. It is important to be aware of such reports so that individuals might better understand the gravity of the situation, and choose to decrease their likelihood for distractions while driving. 


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