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June 2017 Archives

The reality of distracted driving

Distracted driving has been a long-debated issue, but is one worth staying aware of. While many New York residents consider cellphones to be the main source of distractions, there are multiple other factors that lead to negligent driving. Keeping these factors in mind can make one a more responsible driver, and can potentially save lives on the road. 

What is hospital alarm fatigue?

You may find that even though you are in the hospital in New York to get well, the medical equipment around you frequently makes noises that keep you from resting. Alarms and alerts are essential for letting your health care providers know what you need, but they could also put you in danger. The professional journal American Nurse Today explains how.

Waivers, injuries and premises liability

Most parents in New York are probably familiar with the forms that they must sign in order for their children to participate in sports or play at a variety of different parks and gyms. These typically state that the company or organization is not liable for any injuries that occur while participating or using equipment or facilities. As The New York Times points out, a close examination of the indemnification clause may lead to some anxiety for the signer. It may appear as if the waiver prevents any lawsuit in the event of an injury. Indeed, parents who sue may face a significant challenge.

Before you buy a used car

Because the paper in the window says, “as is,” people may worry that the vehicle they are considering in New York will have some kind of age-related issue, such as a bad fuel pump or transmission. However, as The New York Times points out, there could be a design flaw that has been present since before the car ever made it to the original dealership floor. Major automobile defects such as faulty ignition switches and airbags have been making the news in the past two or three years, but even a small issue could cause a big traffic crash.

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