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May 2017 Archives

Vehicle maintenance and trucker responsibility

While most commuters in New York probably do not stop and check their vehicles for any issues before heading to work for the day, expectations for commercial truck drivers are different. According to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, truckers must perform a thorough inspection before climbing into the driver’s seat each day. The commercial driver’s license manual requires them to demonstrate their knowledge and ability to review the condition of the vehicles.

Is your child’s favorite playground safe?

Keeping your children busy during the summer months can be a challenge, but parks and playgrounds in New York are a draw that may entice them away from screen-related activities. Before you turn them loose and sit down on a park bench to enjoy the sunshine, though, you should be aware of playground-related risks for brain injury.

Moms need attention too: Rising U.S. maternal mortality rates

Although you may know some mothers in New York who opted for a home birth, most still head to the hospital, birthing center or other similar facility on the big day. Once there, you have every right to expect that the doctor and nurses will focus on your baby’s needs. However, your life is in their hands, too. At Bendall & Mednick, we have provided counsel to many families after negligence resulted in a serious or fatal health issue for a mother during or after childbirth.

Cellphone use can currently be difficult to prove in a crash

In spite of laws forbidding the use of handheld electronic devices such as cellphones while behind the wheel, distracted driving continues to be a problem in New York. When a vehicle drifts across the center line into oncoming traffic or fails to stop at a red light, many people may immediately wonder if the crash was distraction related.

Understanding product recalls and dangers to consumers

Many people in New York make their purchases based on cost, color or design of a product without worrying about safety. They may reason that since manufacturers are required to meet certain standards, anything on the market should not be dangerous. Unfortunately, many items make it from the manufacturer to the consumer with flaws that have the potential to cause injuries.

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