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Broken bones can lead to lifelong pain issues and nerve damage

If you were recently injured in a car accident or workplace accident, you may be grateful that the only injury you sustained was a broken bone. For many people, a broken bone can be set and allowed to heal, resulting in a full or nearly full recovery of function. In some cases, however, broken bones can cause secondary issues, such as nerve damage and chronic, long-term pain. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), which can have lifelong impacts on a person, can develop after a broken bone due to trauma. Just when you think you're done healing, you start experiencing even worse pain.

If you believe you are experiencing a serious medical condition like CRPS as the result of an accident, you need to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney. Much like brain injuries, which can take weeks or months for symptoms to develop, CRPS may not be evident immediately after an accident. Also like brain injuries, CRPS can impact a person's ability to work and quality of life forever. An attorney can help document your injuries and seek out appropriate compensation to offset the expenses and pain you experience as the result of a broken bone.

CRPS symptoms are easy to ignore at first

When you're healing from a traumatic injury involving a broken bone, it can be easy to chalk up issues like discoloration, swelling and sensitivity to the trauma or the process of healing. However, in some cases, these symptoms are a sign of a deeper injury. The previously broken limb may be discolored, or hair or nails may change. You may experience a serious painful sensation, which may range from a deep pain to burning or freezing sensations. Some people report increased skin sensitivity, resulting in pain from even the lightest of touches. These symptoms will persist after the bone has fully healed.

Other common symptoms of CRPS are swelling and inflammation of the affected limb or extremity, a different skin color or temperature when compared to the other side of your body, abnormal sweating and weakness or reduced range of motion. These are serious symptoms, which can persist for your whole life. They may impact your ability to return to work or have a normal quality of life. Particularly if your injury was work-related or a car accident caused by someone else, you need the help of an experienced personal injury attorney to determine your next best step.

An attorney can help after an accident and injury

You don't have to face insurance companies or the workers' compensation process alone. Working with an attorney lets you focus on your recovery while your attorney negotiates on your behalf. From settlements from insurance companies to filing a civil lawsuit to recover your losses, your attorney can help you if your injury turns out to be more serious that you initially believed it would be.

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