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February 2017 Archives

Hitting the New York highways with your dog

Seat belt laws have been around in New York so long, you and your passengers probably buckle up without even thinking about it. Since your dog lacks opposable thumbs, it relies on you to provide this protection. Our team at Bendall & Mednick have represented many clients who were injured in motor vehicle accidents that occurred because an animal was roaming free in a vehicle.

Drunk driving penalties for CMV drivers

Whenever alcohol enters the system, alteration of focus, concentration and mental clarity begin to occur. The New York Department of Motor Vehicles claims that alcohol can cause jerky starts and improper passing as well as preventing drivers from staying in their lanes. Drunk drivers also commonly run red lights and fail to use signals. Even at low blood alcohol concentration levels, drivers may be less alert and find that their vehicle operation skills are impaired.

Premises liability for business owners

As a New York business owner, you have to keep your eyes open for possible liability issues. Keeping your business safe for employees and customers is important to avoid legal issues. At Bendall & Mednick, we see many cases where an oversight by a business owner has led to customer injuries. In order to avoid such situations, you need to be aware of the aspects of premises liability.

Smartphone recall illustrates consequences of a product defect

With the prevalence of cellphones, tablets and other electronic devices in nearly every American household, many people may assume these products are safe and harmless, including for children. For the most part, electronic devices are safe when used appropriately. However, a serious design or manufacturing defect may be devastating for consumers in Schenectady and elsewhere, especially if the affected product uses electricity or contains hazardous chemicals.

NFL news conference reaffirms serious injury fears

A previous blog post discussed the risk of degenerative brain disease resulting from football injuries. In this post, it was pointed out how concussions and even repeated minor hits to the head could spell out future health problems related to head trauma for those who played football. These complications may include memory problems, depression, aggressive behavior, early-onset dementia and death. Perhaps most frighteningly, it is not just professional NFL players who face the disturbingly common risk of degenerative brain disease. Those who played high school and college football in New York and elsewhere may receive enough injuries to result in long-term complications.

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