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Possible link between acetaminophen use during pregnancy and ADHD

If you are pregnant or close to someone who is, you are probably aware that pregnancy is often associated with a myriad of aches and pains. Rather than enduring a pregnancy-related backache, joint pain or sleepless night, you may have asked your doctor which painkillers or sleep aids are safe. Many of these medications include acetaminophen, which, in proper doses, has been approved for use during pregnancy by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. At Bendall & Mednick, we know it is vital that you receive sound advice from your doctor during pregnancy. You and other Schenectady residents should be aware of the results of a recent study concerning a potential risk of behavioral issues of children whose mothers had taken acetaminophen while pregnant.

The study, which was published in JAMA Pediatrics, meticulously analyzed data from the pregnancies of thousands of women, as well as details from their children's early childhood. According to CNN, it was found that those who had taken acetaminophen while pregnant had a slightly elevated chance of their babies developing behavioral or emotional issues, including ADHD. Why might this drug cause such a reaction in your baby's developing brain? Doctors say that the liver plays an important role in hormone metabolism during pregnancy. Since acetaminophen can affect the liver, it is possible that the drug may impede normal hormone production during your pregnancy.

The FDA asserts that in most cases, pregnant women who take the minimum dose of acetaminophen have little cause to worry; however, the agency has also stated that more research is necessary to prove there is a connection between acetaminophen use and fetal brain development. If your doctor recommends any over-the-counter medication or prescription drug, it is imperative that he or she recommends the proper dosage to minimize the chances of complications. You may learn more about medical mistakes by visiting our medical malpractice page.

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