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October 2016 Archives

MADD campaign focuses on holiday drunk driving

For many people in Schenectady and across the country, the holiday season can include parties and celebrations on the town. Drinking is part of the tradition, especially on New Year’s Eve. While this should be a happy time of year for you and your loved ones, it can also turn tragic. At Bendall & Mednick, we understand that the holiday season is one of the deadliest times of the year when it comes to drunk driving.

Glenville Rocked by Man's Death

A worker injured Oct. 16 in a tanker truck explosion at a Glenville asphalt plant died two days later at Westchester Medical Center. Joe Nichols, 56, who lived in Amsterdam, had worked at Mohawk Asphalt Emulsions for 24 years. According to initial reports, a valve on a tanker truck heated up while the truck was being loaded with a commonly used mix of kerosene and asphalt. The heat ignited vapors and caused the blast. Three workers in all were initially taken to the hospital after the explosion - along with Nichols, there was another worker who was in critical but stable condition and a third who is expected to quickly make a full recovery.

How should you protect yourself when using a space heater?

In a cold state like New York, heating is essential. However, running your heater can mean a high utility bill. Like many Schenectady residents, you might use a space heater to save power and conveniently warm up a small area in your home. To reduce the risk of electrocution, burns or home fires, you should know the proper ways to operate a space heater.

Possible link between acetaminophen use during pregnancy and ADHD

If you are pregnant or close to someone who is, you are probably aware that pregnancy is often associated with a myriad of aches and pains. Rather than enduring a pregnancy-related backache, joint pain or sleepless night, you may have asked your doctor which painkillers or sleep aids are safe. Many of these medications include acetaminophen, which, in proper doses, has been approved for use during pregnancy by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. At Bendall & Mednick, we know it is vital that you receive sound advice from your doctor during pregnancy. You and other Schenectady residents should be aware of the results of a recent study concerning a potential risk of behavioral issues of children whose mothers had taken acetaminophen while pregnant.

Is garbage in a parking lot a serious risk?

As the weather gets colder, businesses in Schenectady and across the state of New York will be preparing to keep customers safe from slipping in snowy, icy and wet conditions. They might repair potholes, stock up on de-icing salt and find out which local snow plows are ready for business. However, it is not only slips and falls that store owners and apartment managers need to worry about, when it comes to their parking lots and walking surfaces. You might also face hazards from trash that has not been properly disposed of.

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