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August 2016 Archives

Can a defective product cause emotional harm?

Many times, if you or another Schenectady resident encounter a faulty product, it can cause a personal injury. For example, defective airbags have been known to explode and seriously injure vehicle passengers. Dangerous children’s products might present a choking or entrapment hazard. In other cases, a product that fails to do what it is supposed to do may cause damage of a different kind. You might, for instance, use a product that malfunctioned and suffer from anxiety or depression as a result. While the injury was not physical, the psychological harm it caused is possibly enough to justify legal action.

Built-in motorcycle screens raise safety concerns

Over the past few years, a great deal of attention has been placed on avoiding distracted driving caused by electronic devices, such as smartphones and GPS systems. One of the ways that this is addressed is by discouraging the use of these devices while driving. However, are there some types of technology developed for vehicles that may increase distraction for drivers in Schenectady and elsewhere? Some safety advocates believe that new on-board computers and screens meant to enhance driving and safety can actually create a risk.

Nursing home workers posting demeaning photos of residents online

Nearly everyone these days has a smartphone with access to the Internet. It is possible to receive text messages, check email and get online any time of the day. Because the online world is always available at the touch of a button, it can be easy for people in Schenectady and elsewhere to lose sight of what is and is not appropriate to post, particularly while they are at work. Many are in a professional position where it could cause harm to post private information or inappropriate pictures on social media.

What kind of behavior is expected from the medical profession?

Last week’s post discussed some of the serious ramifications that can result from the unprofessional conduct of someone in the medical field. Like many in Schenectady, you might wonder what type of behavior you should expect from your doctor, nurse or other medical professional taking care of you.

Pokémon Go distracting drivers and causing accidents

As soon as the new gaming app Pokémon Go released in early July, fans of the Pokémon universe were hitting the streets in search of their favorite animated monsters. People were bumping into each other at the store, on sidewalks and around public squares while they tossed Pokéballs at elusive Pikachus.

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