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Minor injuries a minor miracle when crane collapses in New York

It was a scene straight out of an apocalyptic movie. A huge crane that was working on the new Tappan Zee Bridge fell over onto the old bridge, blocking all lanes and creating a traffic nightmare for the New York City area. While the accident was eye-catching, it was truly remarkable for another reason all together; nobody died.

The multi-story crane missed falling on any vehicles driving on the bridge while it took out guardrails on both sides of the span. Two people who slammed on their brakes suffered some bruises and a worker on a construction barge received a few more bumps and bruises. The crane operator escaped uninjured. It was, in short, a miracle.

Miracles don't always happen

Of course, workplace accidents are not always so free from injury, especially in high-risk occupations such as construction. The Tappan Zee incident could just have easily resulted in severe injury or death to drivers and workers on the site. What would happen to them in that case?

While the department of transportation, construction company and state government try to sort out who was responsible for the disaster, the worker would be looking at a mountain of hospital bills, loss of work, an inability to pay for usual expenses, and piles of confusing paperwork. It is at times like this that injured workers should seek legal representation as the best course of action.

Workers' compensation and personal injury damages may be available

While the employer is required to provide Workers Compensation Insurance, it doesn't mean that the insurance works in the best interest of the injured worker. Nobody personally involved in the accident is going to be making sure that the injured party has the means to rebuild their life and create a productive future.

Even when the injury isn't life-threatening, where the worker is able to return to their regular occupation after rehabilitation, Workers Compensation insurance may not be enough to cover all the damages that result from the accident or the only compensation the injured party is entitled to receive.

By working with an attorney, the worker is more likely to recover the actual expenses incurred during the accident and any additional compensation available through a personal injury lawsuit.

It isn't all about placing blame, but simply ensuring fairness, but the fact remains that without an independent party speaking on their behalf, injured workers rarely get the results they deserve.

When involved in a workplace accident, no matter who is at fault for the incident, it is only right that the employee seeks out the assistance needed to reach a fair and equitable settlement that will protect their family and future.

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