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May 2016 Archives

How is your New York landlord required to keep your rental safe?

Accidents happen in and around the home all the time. In many cases, you might be the one responsible for getting hurt. For example, you might have climbed onto an unstable chair to change a lightbulb and fallen. You could have reached into a sink full of soapy water and grabbed a sharp knife and cut yourself. However, in other cases your landlord or property manager might be held liable for an accident at your apartment or rental home in Schenectady.

Can you take measures before surgery to prevent mistakes?

We’ve discussed previously in this blog about the numbers of patients, in New York as well as across the country, who are adversely affected by medical mistakes. In addition to surgical mishaps, medication errors and other common mistakes, infection is another widespread problem in hospitals. You are particularly vulnerable to getting an infection after a surgical procedure, since your body will be exposed to germs and your immune system compromised during the healing process.

Truck driver fatigue costs thousands of lives every year

Large commercial trucks are a common sight on highways near Schenectady, as well as across the country. While trucking is a necessary industry, it also results in thousands of accidents each year. As discussed in previous posts, truck collisions have the potential to cause devastating harm, due to the size and speed of these large vehicles.

Progressive brain disease may affect football players

Football has long been an American pastime, but recent research has uncovered evidence that throwing around the old pigskin may be more than just a game. For Schenectady residents with a loved one who plays football in high school, college or professionally, the injuries one can sustain during the game may be a serious concern. Our attorneys at Bendall & Mednick are familiar with the long-term complications someone can get from serious brain injuries like concussions.

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