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How can Textalyzer help you if you're injured in an accident?

We've all heard of the breathalyzer test, but have you heard of the textalyzer? The implementation of this new technology is rolling out in New York as a means of determining if distracted driving occurred before an accident took place. If this was the case, those who were injured might have some additional evidence for use in their lawsuits.

April is National Distracted Driver Month and, with that in mind, it's critical for drivers in New York to know what laws pertain to cell phone use.

What is prohibited in New York?

New York drivers may not use any handheld electronic devices while operating their motor vehicle. The law stipulates the following as usage:

  • speaking on the phone
  • composing or reading texts
  • sending or retrieving Internet data
  • viewing or sending emails
  • reading or searching for web pages
  • taking, posting or viewing images
  • game play

New York drivers should be aware that there are limitations to this law, though. For example, hands-free technology or handheld devices affixed to a surface is allowable. The use of a GPS device is also acceptable. When a New York driver needs to make a phone call in the case of an emergency or for official duties, this is also considered acceptable use.

How could the Textalyzer help?

If a driver causes a crash, the design engineers behind the Textalyzer created it as such that it can determine if the driver was distracted before the accident occurred. They can, without checking phone records, see if a text was sent and potentially caused a driver distraction. Similar to a breathalyzer test, law enforcement can administer this testing along the roadside.

Legislation is pending

Despite the fact that legislation is pending, New York drivers should still prepare for implementation of this technology. That being said, if you've been injured in an accident and believe it was the result of distracted driving, it's critical that you speak with an attorney as soon as possible. They'll advise you regarding this new technology, as well as your rights regarding distracted driving laws in the state of New York.

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