Truck Accidents: Who Do You Make A Claim Against?

Truck drivers, trucking companies, shipping companies and many other entitles share responsibility for making sure that trucking is carried out safely. When you have been injured due to the negligence of any of these parties, you may have a valid legal claim against them.

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The First Step Is To Identify Who Was Responsible For Your Accident

Every truck accident case is unique, and who you bring a claim against will depend on the specific facts of your case. The following are some of the parties who have historically been held responsible in truck accident claims in New York.

  • The driver of the truck may have been speeding, driving for too many hours, texting while driving or committing another type of driver negligence.
  • The company that employed the truck driver may have hired that person even though he or she had a negative safety record or did not have the proper license.
  • The company that owns the tractor or trailer may have put it on the road even though it was mechanically defective or otherwise unsafe to drive.
  • The people who loaded the trailer may have loaded it with too much weight or failed to secure the load properly, which can cause dangerous weight shifting on the road.
  • The mechanics responsible for maintaining the truck may have let maintenance slide or failed to complete repairs and tasks properly.
  • The Department of Transportation or Thruway Authority may have approved dangerous road designs or failed to remove or warn against dangerous road conditions.
  • The trucking insurance company may have taken an active role in screening drivers and failed to detect a prior safety or performance issue on the driver's record.

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