How Trucking Cases Are Different From Car Accidents

You were injured in a truck accident so you need a lawyer who understands how truck accidents are different from some of the more straightforward car accident circumstances. At Bendall & Mednick, our attorneys have the experience to handle your truck accident claim.

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Understanding What Sets Truck Accidents Apart

While car accidents tend to be caused by the negligence of individual drivers, there are larger issues at work behind many truck accidents. Due to the downturn in the economy, trucks are being pushed further, and drivers are being asked to drive faster and work longer hours.

Many truck accidents are caused by truck drivers and trucking companies violating trucking laws that are meant to regulate things like service hours, inspections and maximum loads.

Huge tractor-trailer trucks are much more dangerous and difficult to control than smaller cars, vans and SUVs. Engaging in this dangerous activity means it is important to hold truckers, trucking companies and all other participants in the trucking industry accountable to their legal responsibilities.

Evaluating The Specific Causes Of Your Collision

Our attorneys are experienced at investigating the unique circumstances of truck accident cases. We will move quickly to identify whether your accident was caused by driver fatigue, speeding, an overloaded truck, a mechanical error or any other cause.

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