Do I Have A Claim For Compensation?

The only known cause of mesothelioma is asbestos exposure. Therefore, if you have been diagnosed with this disease, exposure to asbestos is indisputable. The only questions are when and how the exposure took place. If you were exposed at work, that exposure was the result of corporate negligence or possibly even willful misconduct. So the first part of your claim will be the easier part to establish.

Mesothelioma is unusual because of its long latency period. The disease will often not appear in an individual for as long as 10 to 50 years after the exposure to asbestos. That means discovering the exact source of the exposure, which is vital to your case, may be difficult. In order for your claim to succeed, you will need to establish the identity of the product, the place and the company responsible for the exposure. A full record of your history, including your work and personal histories, will be obtained to discover any potential exposures to asbestos, along with the names of witnesses who may be of help to you.

You will need attorneys familiar with the specifics of asbestos litigation in New York. There are certain types of companies and industries that have been involved in working with asbestos over the years. In addition, some of these companies have declared bankruptcy. However, a special fund containing tens of billions of dollars was established to compensate the victims of bankrupt corporations from asbestos exposure. You should have an attorney familiar with that fund and familiar with those companies. Our firm is working in conjunction with lawyers who have that background and familiarity.

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Your time to file a claim begins from the date you receive your diagnosis. If you wait too long, your claim may be time barred by the Statue of Limitations. Please call us at 518-631-4139 or 888-324-7261 or complete a form online to schedule a free initial consultation.