You Were Injured: Where Did You Fall?

Experienced workers know that you don't learn it all over night. Every project can present new challenges and call for new solutions. Our experienced lawyers know that what you were doing when you got hurt, where you were, and how you were injured all play a part in determining what kind of compensation you can get for your injuries.

Our Schenectady law firm has extensive experience standing up for the victims of construction accidents throughout New York. We are committed to providing you with the personalized service and aggressive representation you need as you recover from your serious injuries.

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What Did You Fall From?

Throughout our years of handling construction accident cases, we have seen devastating injuries resulting from falls and collapses. Common types of cases involve people falling or collapsing, along with:

  • Roofs
  • Ladders
  • Scaffolding
  • Vehicles
  • Falls through unprotected openings

Did You Fall On A Construction Site?

Section 240 of the New York State Labor Law holds certain classes of people to a special standard for injuries that happen to workers on construction sites. What that means to you is that if you've been injured on a construction site, you need an experienced New York trial lawyer making sure you are getting the protections given to you under the law.

What Is Required Of You?

We only represent people who aren't the kind of people who sue. No one who works for a living leaves the house planning on getting so seriously injured that their only option is to start a lawsuit. Right now, you're thinking about starting a lawsuit, probably for the first time in your life. You may feel like saying, "But I'm not the kind of person who sues." We understand.

A lawsuit was never your first option, but the people who hurt you and their insurance companies are doing everything they can to avoid being fair to you. They are refusing to accept responsibility for what they have done to you. So the option you didn't want to use may be the only one you've got. We know what you're going through and we're ready to help.

Our lawyers are accessible to you and only work with the law and the truth. Just tell us what happened. We'll do the rest.

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