Were You Hurt By A Falling Object?

Gravity will get you, or so some have said. The fact is that when gravity gets a hold on something that is above you, and as a result you are hurt, it's no small thing. When it happens and it could have been avoided, then you should be compensated fairly and fully for what happened. The experienced lawyers at Bendall & Mednick are ready to help.

The insurance companies are hoping you'll try to do this on your own. Don't give them what they want. We have been helping victims hurt on construction sites in upstate New York for decades. Who will you have by your side when you take on those who want to pretend like it never happened or was your fault?

Our Upstate New York law firm has been helping construction accident injury victims in Schenectady, Albany and Saratoga Springs for decades. You need our unique blend of experience, success and proven trial ability on your side as you take on the insurance companies.

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How Were You Hurt?

  • Were you hit by a dropped tool?
  • Was a load of wood or rocks dropped on you?
  • Did you break someone's fall?

Regardless of what object hit you, the responsibility for construction site accidents in New York falls on the property owner. If you have been hurt through no fault of your own, New York Labor Law 240 is clearly on your side. We will provide you with aggressive representation to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

Tell Us The Facts. They'll Reveal The Truth. We'll Do The Rest.

One of the worst things for our clients is the day they realize that they are up against an opponent who wants to deny responsibility. Your life was turned upside down enough by the injury and when you realize you may have to bring a lawsuit to get justice you may feel like you're being hurt all over again. It doesn't have to be that way. As you tell us the facts, the truth is revealed and our lawyers will begin to piece the pieces back together.

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Our lawyers, Jim, Kevin and Jamie, are ready to stand by you every step of the way whether your case is quickly settled or requires a trial. We will always do what is best for you.

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