Why Do Brain Injuries Often Go Undiagnosed?

Although brain injuries are extremely serious with a potentially permanent impact, they often go undiagnosed. This is partially because they can be difficult to detect with basic medical tests, and partially because the symptoms often do not become apparent until much later.

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Early Medical Evaluations Can Be Misleading

Many people who suffer brain injuries in accidents are able to go home from the hospital relatively quickly. Some do not need to go to the emergency room at all. Many return to work right away or within a few days. Only later do brain injury symptoms start to emerge.

You or your family may notice changes in your personality or your ability to concentrate, but you may not connect those changes to the accident that caused them.

You may feel that your injuries were so minor that they could not possibly have caused brain damage. For a while, you may think that you are just "shaken up" from being in an accident. You may have even gotten a head x-ray or MRI that did not turn up any problems.

Take The Necessary Steps To Get An Accurate Diagnosis. Start With A Call.

An undiagnosed brain injury — even one that is relatively mild — can have major, long-term consequences. In order to diagnose a brain injury, you may need to see a neuropsychologist and/or undergo more sensitive tests such as a CT scan or PET scan.

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