Traumatic Brain Injuries (Concussions) & New York State Personal Injury Law

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Identifying And Documenting Brain Injuries

Brain injuries often go undiagnosed because they can be difficult to spot, but these injuries can permanently harm your quality of life and limit your ability to do everyday tasks. Sometimes the injury is quite clear: you've suffered a blow to the head, you've lost consciousness, you've been hospitalized. Sometimes it's not so clear and there is no diagnosis of a brain injury at your first visit to the doctor.

But after an accident, people may have symptoms that they describe as being "shaken up" or that they are not "quite themselves" or "everything was different after the accident," when in fact they may have suffered a brain injury. Personality changes can be a brain injury symptom. If you have suffered a brain injury in an accident, it is important to fully identify the injury and all of the consequences of it before accepting a settlement.

Simply put, a concussion is an injury to the brain.

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Understanding The Causes Of Brain Injuries

The brain is an extremely complex and sensitive organ that medical science is only beginning to understand. A dramatic blow to the head is not always necessary in order to sustain a significant brain injury. There are a wide range of circumstances that can cause people to suffer serious brain damage, including but not limited to:

  • Head trauma in a car crash, fall or other accident
  • Lack of oxygen during birthing (birth asphyxia)
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Exposure to organophosphate pesticides and other toxic chemicals
  • More subtle accidents from minor car crashes

When you have suffered a brain or other serious injury due to the negligence or recklessness of some other person or company, you may be entitled to compensation under New York personal injury law. Our attorneys are experienced at pursuing money damages for brain injury victims.

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Recognizing the symptoms of brain injuries can be difficult for someone without a great deal of experience working with people who have these injuries. Many brain injuries go undiagnosed because nobody is able to connect the dots between the symptoms and the injury.

The lawyers at our firm have spent decades helping accident victims recover compensation for brain injuries and other serious injuries. We are often able to help clients find the medical attention they need to identify and follow up on brain injury symptoms. Contact us to discuss your case with a knowledgeable attorney. Call 518-631-4139 or 888-324-7261 or email us.

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